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“Listen. I’m a man in his forties. I’ve seen a lot of shit over the years. But nothing has ever brought home the strength of an individual and that life can be emotional and fraught with danger to the undeserving than this comic has to me at every single reading.As I put the book down, I am genuinely more than a little broken. This is a work of strength and humour and drama and tears and joy. What more can you ask. And at the end a big old ray of hope.” Tony Ezmond – downthetubes.net – read the full article here

Perry Winkle packs a powerful and emotional punch that readers will feel all the way through the last panel.” Ariana Zink- “A Place To Hang Your Cape”- Full Article

“This debut offering feels like a fantastic and complete story that informs as much as it entertains and manages to create a highly entertaining read about a very serious subject.” Alex Thomas – Pipe Dream Comics  – Full article

“Truly inspiring… Perry Winkle has been helping me through my rehab, as I battles to walk again with 5 broken vertebrae and some resultant degenerative disk disease – such a very rare set of side effects of ABVD chemo they’re almost unheard of. Instead of wondering ‘Why me?’, the Perry Winkle comic helps me focus on making the most of what I’ve got. The image where Perry and Susie’s husband are right behind her as she walks into the cancer clinic is my favourite. Guess it helps me to see support personified. When I don’t feel like doing my physio exercises, I imagine Perry whispering in my ear: ‘Pull yourself together, Lass. You can do this…!’ . Perry helps me get it together, turn the iPod up high and get down to those game-changing exercises.” Hope that’s ok. Much love – LLxx – Lymphoma Lass

“Perrywinkle is a fantastic project- not only is it raising awareness of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (a brilliant cause worth backing in and of itself) but there is the added bonus of a comic that is by turns thrilling, scary, funny and sweet, a semi-autobiographic story that allows us to live this experience in a way that is both stylish and fantastical while at the same time real and heartfelt.”-Will Turner

“Perry wrinkle is an artistic and inspirational journey bought about from true life. It is written with passion and emotion. A great way to bring awareness of Hodgkins Lymphoma and will offer help along the way.” – Jenny Gavin

” From the moment one starts to read Perriwinkle, it quickly reveals the passion and drive of it’s author. A fantastic comic which tackles a subject that needs facing, and Perriwinkle does so with aplomb.” – Dan Butcher - Vanguard

"Periwinkle, the inspirational comic character that was created by the author and illustrator to give hope and help to others to kick cancer as well as her own.” – Laura Hampton

“Entertaining, inspirational, imaginative and aesthetically amazing” – Harry Harris

“Susie’s a fellow comrade in the cancer comic arena, which makes me happy because there’s not too many of us using art to discuss such a difficult topic like cancer. Most artists won’t touch the subject. But Susie does, and like her brilliant superhero alter-ego Perry Winkle, tackles it fearlessly. Perry Winkle is the kind of sexy, badass superhero that exists in the hearts of many cancer patients facing the frightening unknown. It’s clever, fast-paced and beautifully illustrated. It’s a fantastic take on a true story that will remind all of us what we’re truly made of.” – Matthew Paul Mewhorter - Cancer Owl

“Perry Winkle is a wonderful and inspirational character bought to us in its true form by the author & illustrator who underwent Hodgkin Lymphoma. I loved that I could see into the mind set and emotions of what she was feeling and thoughts on each situation. A true inspiration, to bring awareness and hope to others.” – Leanne Huynh

Perry winkle – merging real life and imagination together to show the rollercoaster journey of a fight with HL x – Liggybeck Dandio

“This shit be awesome”- Conrad Iwanicki