PerryWinkle Comic is OUT NOW
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As I put the book down, I am genuinely more than a little broken. This is a work of strength and humour and drama and tears and joy. What more can you ask. And at the end a big old ray of hope.”- Tony Ezmond – – read the full article here

Perry Winkle packs a powerful and emotional punch that readers will feel all the way through the last panel.”  Ariana Zink- A place to hang your cape – Full Article

“This debut offering feels like a fantastic and complete story that informs as much as it entertains and manages to create a highly entertaining read about a very serious subject.” Alex Thomas – Pipe Dream Comics  – Full article

Perrywinkle Comic was nominated for "Best Single UK issue" in the 2018 Yancy Awards

Thanks so much to each and every one of you, for helping to raise awareness of Lymphoma and your support.


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PerryWinkle Comic

Perrywinkle comic was written during Susie's cancer battle in 2014. As a way to raise awareness of Hodgkins Lymphoma, but also help her through treatment. 
Since then Perrywinkle has been nominated for "Best single UK issue" in the 2018 Yancy Awards and creator Susie Gander received the Bloodwise Ambassador title.