On a Disney Themed Spree :)

Hi All

Hope you have all had a great weekend. After seeing Toy Story 4 yesterday and watching the Frozen 2 trailer on repeat. (Yes, I am an excited 32 year old !!) . I have had a Disney Themed Drawing session this evening.

Hope you enjoy the galleries latest additions…. you can check out the full 2019 gallery here

lara disney web.jpg
frozen 2 web.jpg

Kick Your Own Ass - Lara Croft

Hi Guys

Hope you are all good :)

The last few days I have been working on the “Kick your own ass”challenge. This is where you take one of your earlier pieces of work and redo it with the improved skillset you have learnt.

Below is the piece I decided to redo. This was drawn back in 2006.

Really enjoyed this challenge and have also knocked up a little GIF showing progress stages.

Hope you like it. Give us a shout if you would be interested in any prints of it.

You can view the full piece in our gallery. - Click Here

Kick Your Own Ass example.jpg


2019 Sketchbook

Hi Guys

Hope everyone is good and having a new year. The first 3 months of the year, I have been working away at my sketchbook to try and improve my skills. I thought might be nice to share this with you, so I have created a new gallery for my sketchbook this year :)

Hope you enjoy and please comment with any suggestions would like me to draw

Thanks for all your support

Check out the new gallery here - Sketchbook 2019

Example :)


Hi Guys

It’s Christmas Eve and here at Susie Illustrations, we are giving you an early Christmas present.

Originally released in 2016, here is a two page Perrywinkle Christmas short, written by Will Turner and lettered by Robin Jones.

Hope you enjoy and Merry Christmas :)

Thank you for all your support this year and here is too an amazing 2019.


Hi Guys

How are we all doing ? The leaves have started to drop, there’s a chill in the air and pumpkin spice lattes are in the coffee shops….. that means Halloween is on the way :)

To get you in the mood, we are offering a FREE DOWNLOAD of our never seen before short comic called “Horror” written by Jay Martin, lettered by Robin Jones and illustrated by yours truly.

We hope you enjoy :)

Please note this is an 18+ containing graphic violence.


The eagled eyed amongst you may have spotted the brand new website look and domain name.

Why, you ask ?
Upon review we noticed we had various sites spread across several platforms. The idea is to combine these sites into one central location for easy access under the brand Susie Illustrations. Making navigation easier and reducing the overall hosting costs.

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