About us..

Susie Gander started out as all aspiring artists do, fingerprinting from the age of 3 !! Some many years later, then went on to achieve an art degree at university.

Then life threw her a curveball – Cancer.Hodgkins Lymphoma. During treatment Susie documented her experience in a comic book format, simply to help her cope. Essentially off her mind, onto paper. After sharing it with other patients, it became clear, it helped them too. Now she is in remission and finishing Perry Winkle, will the intention to help others in treatment and share the awareness of Lymphoma.

Since then, Susie has run several charity events, including the popular “Pimp your Profile Pic” on Facebook, which involved’cartoon-i-fi-ing’ any donaters profile pictures. Working with various comic writers and creators on more charity comics, plus branching into the comic book scene, working with writers such as Tony Ezmond and Chris Sides. 

Please feel free to get in touch, with any questions, comments or if you simply need to talk.